From Athens, of Montreal, and digging Madison


The psychedelic glam-pop act is pumped for the Majestic

The weird, sexy glitter circus known as of Montreal is rolling into Madison, a place where the band feels right at home.

“I like Madison. It’s a progressive town with a big college,” similar to the band’s native Athens, Georgia, says Kevin Barnes, of Montreal’s androgynous founder and driving force. “The Halloween show we had in Madison [in 2013] was epic.”

That’s quite a compliment coming from the the offbeat, artsy, psychedelic glam-pop act, famous for frenetic, rainbow-colored performances. The band plays the Majestic Theater on Sept. 20.

This year marks of Montreal’s 20th anniversary. The band’s had at least that many rotating members in those two decades, with Barnes being the sole constant. The band’s 13th record, Innocence Reaches, released in June, is an upbeat, rhythmic infusion of electronic dance music.

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