Editing: Books and beyond

I have so much fun editing non-fiction books by independently published authors, but I’ll take a red pen to anything you like! (Ok, it’s more likely to be comments in a Google or Word doc.) I can edit for your audience and format. I also do deeper developmental editing and ghostwriting. I’m happy to be your cheerleader and project manager along the way! I can also share why I made the edits to help you build your communication skills.

Don’t Ask Permission to Fly by Anna Gouker (2020) Editing and consulting
Hey Sparky! Turn up your dimmer switch by Deborah SuZan (2020) Editing and consulting
Acres of Life by Nancy Kalsow (2019) Editing and consulting
Sharpening Your Positive Edge: Shifting your thoughts for more positivity & success by Tina Hallis (2017) Editing and consulting
Ayagogy by Roan Kaufman (2016) Editing and design