Punk and circumstance

An independent documentary looks at the scene that flourished in Washington, D.C.

Punk is not dead. That’s the takeaway from a documentary featuring key members of the Washington, D.C., hardcore scene. Featuring an interview with Jeff Nelson, drummer of Minor Threat and co-founder of Dischord Records. Read more at isthmus.com.

Madison’s pop guitar queen

21-year-old wunderkind Raine Stern has big plans

On a Thursday night at North Street Cabaret, Raine Stern and her band roll through a set of original funky blues rock songs, filled with her jaw-dropping solos and versatile vocals. Her short, curly blonde hair hangs in front of her round wire-rim glasses, her mannerisms calling to mind one of her influences, Prince. Midway through the set, her band exits the stage and she performs a few solo tunes. Read more at isthmus.com.

True American art

“Intersections: Indigenous Textiles of the Americas” is an exhibit of wonders

In a dimly lit gallery in the School of Human Ecology on the UW-Madison campus sit three cases draped with linen. Beneath the coverings are funerary objects taken from Indigenous resting places — swatches of handmade cloth and bags that were meant to be used by the dead in the next world. Read more at isthmus.com.

Ode to an outsider

Marielle Allschwang creates a multimedia tribute to Milwaukee’s Mary Nohl

On childhood trips to her grandmother’s house Marielle Allschwang would drive past a cottage on Lake Michigan in the suburb of Fox Point. Its yard was dotted with playfully bizarre sculptures.  Read more at isthmus.com.